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Mechanical Car Repairs & Vehicle Servicing in Leeds

Regular car servicing is required to ensure that your car works efficiently and safely. Regular servicing will extend the life of your vehicle. A regular service helps prevent dangerous potential failures in your braking and steering system.

The amount of work required in regular services will depend upon the number of miles you have travelled. Some of the things included are:

  • Engine oil and oil filter change. Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time; it needs to be replaced to extend engine life. Older cars often need natural oils rather than synthetic oils.
  • Check and adjust drive belt tension. Drive belts operate alternators, fans, power steering and air conditioning. Loose or slipping drive belts can result in loud squealing and engine failure.
  • Check and clean spark plugs. Spark plugs need to be checked for excessive carbon deposits, oil and oxidation, which can highlight other problems in the engine.
  • Check and top up automatic transmission fluid level. Excessive reductions in transmission fluid can mean other elements of the transmission system may need examination and replacement.
  • Check and top-up power steering fluid.
  • Check wear on brake pads and replace if necessary. Obtain brake pads that are appropriate for your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Inspect brake hydraulic system hoses and pipes for leakages and corrosion.
  • Renew fuel line filter. A common problem in old cars occurs when the sediment at the bottom of the fuel tank flows through the fuel lines and clogs the fuel filter.
  • Inspect tyres for tread wear and damage. Extend the life of your car’s tyres by regular rotation of the tyres.
  • Take note of the pattern of wear on your tyres, as this can also indicate other problems in the vehicle such as suspension, steering and wheel balancing.
  • Visual check of windscreen wipers, battery condition, charging system, exhaust condition, coolant, anti-freeze levels and windscreen washer levels.

Our general servicing & repairs not only cover cars, but we also service and repair a wide range of vehicles from light commercial vehicles to quads & motorcycles. Please contact us today to discuss you requirements.

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